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Pumice Products for your needs

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We know everything about pumice

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Beaver Pumice provides a range of products

Our products are natural with nothing added during the mining process to give you a 100% organic product

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Pumice used in a range of industries

Applications for pumice: Pozzolan, Abrasive, Filtration Media, Horticultural, Paints, Construction, Rubber and Plastics. There is a variety of industries and applications for pumice

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Supply chain and distribution

Beaver Pumice has a large network of trucking companies and can provide the lowest transportation cost possible by transporting in high capacity trailers

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Beaver Pumice produces high quality pumice products...

From our high purity pumice deposit and modern processing facility, we produce a wide range of products that are superior performance minerals, serving a wide range of applications. Our products are used in applications such as abrasives, fillers, cleaners, paints, coatings, metal finishing, silicone rubber, plastics, water treatment, and construction materials. In addition, pumice is a preferred lightweight aggregate used in manufactured stone veneer and concrete block. Beaver Pumice’s with out high quality pumice deposit and processing plant allows for optimal pumice production.Our products with continue to lead the market for decades to come

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Beaver Pumince Mining experience


Beaver pumice provides a full range pumice products

We offer pumice products that are used in a wide variety of applications, including abrasives, cleaners, paints, coatings, pozzolan, rubber, plastics, water treatment and much more.

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