The unique properties of pumice allow for it to be used in a variety of ways. Due to the one of a kind physical and chemical characteristics, pumice is extremely versatile. Beaver Pumice has a wide range of products, gradations and customizable options to meet the needs of every customer.


Pumice is commonly used to make lightweight concrete and cinder blocks, and can be used as an additive in cement. Pozzolan, a fine-grained form of pumice, is mixed with lime to make concrete. Pumice is also used as an abrasive in polishes, erasers and in the production of stone-washed jeans.


Pumice is commonly found in everyday personal care products as an exfoliant. Frequently, pumice is used during pedicures to remove dry and excess skin from the feet. Finely ground pumice is present in toothpaste, facial scrubs and some soaps. Many beauty products contain some form of pumice.


Due to its porous nature, lightweight and hardness, pumice is highly desirable in the horticulture industry. Pumice is present in landscaping, fertilizer, soil mixtures and seed coating. It’s commonly used as a drainage rock and soil conditioner in plantings. Horticulture accounts for a large portion of pumice use worldwide.